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Tuesday, 27 October 2015

And thus we make good ads...

A good advertisement is nothing more than a story, which stays back in your heart, connects your emotional chord and jogs your memory when you are out, making choices. A good ad is anything but a visual medium, that stops you from changing the channel on television when that ad is there, or skip ad on you tube. You just want to sit and watch it fully. That’s the success of any storyteller.
But how do we succeed in making good TV commercials? Every second, a new ad is telecasted on TV. But what makes one ad stand out from hundred others? Here are some quick insights:

·      Think from your heart
Best of the ads, ranging from Fevicol to Vodafone, all have a human bond. They succeed to make you smile for those few seconds. In most of those ads, they attract you by the story and then at the end tell the brand. It’s the story that will make you chose that brand and not otherwise. So keep your logical mind aside and let your heart work more

·      Always consult your personal Google
No, am not talking about the Google.com. Am talking about the Google what our grandparents use to use i.e. people around. Strike conversations, travel, get deep into diverse cultures, traditions, sounds, and languages. You never know which person or place will get you that last minute idea which your client is looking for in the pitch. The personal Google becomes infinitely more powerful when you add more ‘sources’

·      Simplicity is the formula
Where everyone is trying to outsmart everyone else, where CG works more than the concepts, that’s when your storytelling should stand out. Simple stories always touch our hearts. Human chemistry is extremely important in the business of communication. In this fast, technologically driven world, simple conversations, locations, situations are what one needs the most

·      Target audience
Never forget whom your brand is actually targeting to. A village set up might work for one brand, but for others you might find the necessity to show a Jacuzzi setup. See who is the buyer of your product, get into his shoes and plan your ads well

·      Indirect advertising
Strike it hard, especially when it’s least expected. Write your story, characters, and situations in a manner that your viewer hardly expects the brand at the end and it just amazes him completely. This formula always works better than the conventional ways of showing the product and revolving your ad around it. Recent Filpkart, OLX ads are the best examples

·      Observe your surroundings well
You reflect the piece of your soul in everything you write. In this fast paced world, many people forget to observe the small little things around them. But when an ad filmmaker shows it to them, it strikes as a reminder, a feel good moment, which rather went, unnoticed.  At the same time it is extremely important to accept the changes- and equally important to retain your roots. Such moments will make them remember your product/ brand too. ‘Daag ache hain’ of surf excel works on the same formula

·      Consider the clients brand as your own brand
When you make a pitch to your client, they all they want to see is how differently each agency interprets a brief and then how passionate an agency is about that category of the brand. They should get a feel that you are not some external agency but belong to their extent team itself

·      Research- But Different
You are a creater and not a phd researcher. The phd kind of research captures what’s there on the surface. It does not capture what’s inside. It truly doesn’t capture what drives consumer, motivates the, what captures their imagination and what they want to hear. So get off your systems, take a walk and get into real surroundings

·      Right music is magical

Ogilvy has always said that never create music and lyrics that take the brief way too literally. The second is never to force music onto the consumer. The third is not to sing the brand names. By this I mean that ‘Vicco turmeric’ and ‘Nirma’ is passé. Now, sober sells…such as ‘U & I in this beautiful world’ for Vodafone pug ad

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