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Monday, 10 February 2014

Cinematography & Film Lighting - Learnt as a craft!!

The specialization semester for the students of Flash Frame Visuals Academy of Film & Television, Bangalore, India, began with a four-day workshop with Mr.Tamal, who has worked as an Associate Cinematographer for KamalHaasan's film Vishwaroopam. Students not just learnt the advanced levels of cinematography, but they were made to do various challenging tasks and experiments with different kinds of lights.

The session began with quite a relatable example: “You enter a room and put on the light. The purpose is not specifically light the only object that you want to see but rather light up the whole room where you can see all things clearly and also you can easily identify the object you are looking for”

Lighting classes at Flash Frame Visuals Academy
Same is the logic when one does lighting for the sequence. Of course one wants to focus on a specific person/artist/object. But for that you have to carefully light the surroundings as well in such a way that eyes see it all & yet concentrate on one specific thing.

From bright day effect to night lighting, FFVA students experimented it all. Being under Tamal’s guidance, students were also thrown into the situations where they had to come up with best lighting combination with limited set of lights provided to them. That’s how they learnt different methodologies of lighting.

Also apart from experimenting with still shadow effects, they were made to undertake various motion sequences to play around with shadows and other lighting variations.  

Amongst other practical workshops that often take place at Flash Frame Visuals Academy, this one specially helped students think in advance while planning for their future film projects. Students of Advanced Diploma in Cinematography were inquisitive enough to ask more questions, for which they were given live demo with all kinds of lighting accessories used in the film industry. Since they were made to work under real time field work, like that of a film shooting unit, we could see their confidence levels grow day by day as efficient film directors and Cinematographers.

During the shoot 

Advanced Lighting Exercise 

2013-14 Diploma students 
The Advanced Diploma in Cinematography and Advanced Diploma in Film Direction students will have more such intense and interesting sessions in the forthcoming months. And of course, they are all ready and excited to explore their skills further. 

Written by 
Aditi KK
Head - Academics 
Flash Frame Visuals Academy of Film & Television
Bangalore, India 
Email : info@ffvacademy.com

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