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Monday, 18 November 2013

Lessons learnt on-sets - Filmmaking students

Students working on-set during their project shoot

2013 Diploma in Digital Filmmaking batch began with full enthusiasm. Diversity in nationalities helped students form a team, which not just learns with each other but rather from each other. Things seemed too easy and then they were announced about their first project and that was a television commercial, while the products were pre decided by the faculty. They thought it would be as easy as the sessions before, but what they didn’t come seeing ahead was many sleepless nights, creative brainstorming, endless thinking and finally contended faces.

FFVA students all set to learn..on-set

IDEAS- the seed beneath all
After they were allotted their respective products, students were asked to come up with the ad concepts. Before this they were completely unaware about the way brainstorming takes place. Ideas were rejected, debated upon, questioned and in short completely ripped apart. More set of better ideas students thought, re-worked on the practical aspects about the same and thus kick started their real industry like experience while still being in the institute.

SCRIPTING-the real spine
Scripting formats were given. Content was furnished in the same. Only after the scripts were finalized, rest of the planning was allowed to take place around it. Students realized why script is always considered the backbone of any kind of visual product.

PRE-PRODUCTION – the foundation role reversal stage
Without compromising on any single activity, proper auditions were conducted, students were allotted their respective departments, which they were supposed to supervise and be the in charge of. Where for one project they directed, for other they were the cinematographer, for rest they were the art director or the costume designer. They played different roles in different projects thus having a hang of all different kind of activities that happen on a normal shooting set and also they understood which department they specializes in!

Any project is incomplete without the word budget. Budgeting, shows how much money and time needs to be invested and how much their project is worth. Students got a very clear idea on this. It took them time to realize that how every smallest detailing while shooting needs pre planning and separate bucks go into it.


Institute planned for few back-to-back shoot days as well, just to give them a hang about how it is when they work continuously. Even when the body gets tired, brains are still expected to work. The tired faces uses to go home late, after keeping it all ready for the next day shoot, early morning smiling faces used to be all set to get into actions. Few lessons they learnt early.

Same they students were expected to dump their footage, see how their ad film has come, improvise in the next projects where required. It was a good overall experience, giving them a pinch of reality while making them thoroughly enjoy the different aspects of as filming.

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Written by
Aditi KK
Head - Academics 

Flash Frame Visuals Academy of Film & Television
Bangalore, India
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