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Sunday, 28 October 2012


Flash Frame Visuals Academy of Film & Television
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It’s not everyday that you sit and write honest confessions about cinema and the things behind…and that too just few hours before when your shoot is about to begin. But I, who often have shared my experiences and learning at every stage with my students and readers, got tempted this time as well and just took some time out to sit in one corner and just pour my thoughts out to my readers.
Each time I step in the shooting spot, only one line echoes in my head repeatedly and that is ‘There is something about this madness’! Yes, people and some more people, each busy in their own task, running around, some noise, some hurry, wow..it makes my feel alive and their enthusiasm makes me get up and take care of my bit of work.

After writing good number of scripts and having enough brainstorming sessions, we were all set to make a proper feature film. And as I have always mentioned, it all started from a one-liner, followed by synopsis, flow charts, mapping, screenplay and endless re-writing sessions. Well, for this part I would like to give major credit to the writer and director of the film, Mr.T.G.Keerthi Kumar, also the Founder & Director of Flash Frame Visuals Academy of Film & Television. We jotting down ideas while traveling in car and he sitting all night long developing the thoughts into scenes and dialogues...it still is as fresh as it just happened yesterday. And it was ready.

Now it didn’t come as easy as it might sound here. Only one word to conclude the above mentioned experience was PATIENCE. One line that I used to hear from him on and off and that was’ from audience point of view’. Yes, while making a film, audience is your god, and everything you do, will do or think to do, should sink in with what audience demands today. And till today whether its direction, or any other department of filmmaking, first thing we always priorititize is audience expectations from us as a filmmaker.

‘One page is equal to one minute’, ‘follow proper alignment’,  ‘format should be clear enough to make the entire team understand your script in a single glance’…yes what all we keenly emphasize in FFVA was finally being implemented here in our script and ‘preach what you teach’ never made more sense before. Each and every lecture, assignment, story ideas that I discussed in the class and rejected it for the improvising it further was very much being applied to our own film as well. And to witness all this was our students who have been absorbed as Assistant Directors in our own film. Yes, it’s almost like seeing your kids grow in front of your eyes. It’s a pure delight to see them becoming professional with each passing day. I think that is FFVA’s growth.

Coming back to our feature film, without wasting much of time, while we were busy forming team, with our Executive Producer Mr.Antony Naveen Kumar,  we zeroed down to this young music director, Dayanand Piraisudan, and started with our music some four months before the production. I think that was the best decision ever, because music is something that gets sweeter with time.
More time it’s given, better is the output, and I must say that music is the major strength for any movie. Composing the tune, live recording of the instruments, singers, mixing, you have be there and experience it yourself to feel the divinity of music making. I think amongst all other departments of filmmaking, music became one of my personal favorites.

Singer Tippu singing for our Feature Film
Then came the cast and yes it look a little long time than we had expected. But I think it was worth the entire wait, because more than just looks and the talent, the most important thing in actors should be the flexibility in the attitude and sincerity, which fortunately we could find in most of our actors. And here begun our documentation work.  Scheduling, dates planning, availability, locations…this all would not have been possible alone.

Then we moved on to add the other integral members to our team, which included Assistant Directors, Associate Directors, Cinematographer, Art Director, Costume Designer, Production Manager amongst others. Yes, and now we are one proud team. Can’t imagine a day without either of them. Often I have read when Directors say that while making their film, their team was like one big family, but I think I could not have agreed with them more.

Director & Cinematographer checking the frame 
Part of our crew, getting ready for the shoot 
One thing I would like to mention here is that team is not just with whom you work. Team is made up of people with whom you will spend best and the worst moments while making your film, on whom you will let down all your frustration on a bad day, and share a good laugh on a good day. Team is someone who irrespective of the days, would laugh at the end of the shoot and next day early would wait on the spot with a good yet sleepy smile on their faces. Yes, each day I have learnt a lot from my team people. And if the team is made of all young people, I must say its an asset.

Coming to the more practical aspects of why team spirit is more important, firstly I would like to mention is that no good movie can come out without a good team. Director alone is incomplete even if single department fails to perform as per his expectations. All the people have to walk hand in hand, leaving aside their egos and their self-interest and all they have to think is the final outcome of the movie. Each hour or rather each minute on the spot counts. If it’s meant to be a single shift, the entire team has to work in a way to make it possible.

Our Cinematographer and our students assisting him

The good and the bad part of cinema is that nothing comes free. Each day of the shoot carries some big investment in it, with around 70 members in the crew per day, which cannot and should not go waste. And in order to make it happen the the Director, Cinematographer, Art Director, Costume Designer, Executive producer, assistants and production managers need to sit, plan, discuss the possibilities, each day, about the hindrances and look in the same direction and work towards it.

Director, Art Director and AD looking at the Monitor, in the spot
And most important, all work, no play makes team a bad team. Yes, if everything else is in place but some fun and humour is missing, then something somewhere is not right. And I think that is the major success of our team I must say. Extreme of the weather conditions, or last minute change, no matter what some little laughter is must on the sets to keep the team alive and going.

With almost first schedule getting over, I have learnt a lot and am sure will be learning throughout. 'Lights, Camera, Action' is definitely making more sense than ever. Shall keep you readers posted about other things and observations that I will come across in my journey. So while FFVA team makes it to the film industry and the movie hitting the theatres in early 2013, am sure there will be lot of stuff to share with all you readers.

 And while the shoot is on, sitting in one corner and pouring your thoughts, and that to for such long time, not a very good idea. So I keep my pen down and join my team…meanwhile happy reading to you!

Article written by 
Aditi KK
Head - Academics 
Flash Frame Visuals Academy of Film & Television
Bangalore, India
Email : info@ffvacademy.com
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