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Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Common Q's and A's of Script Writing

Flash Frame Visuals Academy of Film & Television
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Common Q’s & A’s of scriptwriting

“ As a scriptwriter one should give more importance to the plot not the character. Scriptwriting is just about writing the best story and nothing beyond. We can escape from primitive formats and write our own scripts the way we want”…different people and more different notions. Let’s have a quick glance and see till what extent these contradictions hold true meaning.

·      Write the best story the way you know. Don’t worry about anything else - False

If you are a painter or a poet concerned only for your art and you don’t care what anyone else thinks about it, you still can manage to go that way. But writing a screenplay is all-together a different ball game.
Writing a screenplay with a motive of just writing and not making it into a movie doesn’t hold much of a meaning. The script is unfulfilled as long as it’s on paper. If someone tells you “write the best story you can”, it’s meaningless. Of course you’re going to write the best story you can. Who’s going to write the worst story they can?

·      Leave the details to experts- True

As a writer you should not divert your attention from your main task and that is storytelling . Don’t get too much into the direction and the camera part of it. Leave it to experts. Don’t offend them by proving that you know much more than they do. Never forget that moviemaking is all about teamwork.

·      Less is more- True

         Avoid overwriting. Overly descriptive screenplays are not fun to read.  Limited description about location, action and character would do. Always remember less is more. All you are supposed to describe is core of action, and not all of it! Also remember that excess of details slows down the pace of the movie.

·      Script format isn’t really important – False

Anything that distracts from the story hurts the reading. Script is a specialized form. So stick to the format as much as possible. By doing that the form becomes invisible and the reader focuses on all his energy in just reading and visualizing the script.

·      Once a script has been rejected, it’s a dead meat– False

As a scriptwriter you should have confidence to pitch for your script, provided it’s truly worth it. If you believe in the script, keep trying. Try in different places. Change the title of the movie if you want.

·      Small budget films are easier to sell than big budget giants – True

Producers always welcome the scripts which doesn’t have unnecessary location budget, astronomical star salaries et al. Make you story so strong that even if its single location; it should hit the audience straight! Keep your locations simple and action basic, especially as a starter.

The more detailed version of the same, more Q’s and A’s are discussed at Flash Frame Visuals Academy of Film & Television. Here we thoroughly believe that just like Direction, Cinematography & Editing,  ‘Scriptwriting’ too is one of the major platforms for a successful film. So once again, happy reading.

            References : Ronal B Tobias

Article Written by:
Aditi KK
Head – Academics
Flash Frame Visuals Academy of Film & Television
Bangalore, India
Email : aditi@ffvacademy.com

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