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Saturday, 2 July 2011

The Week that was all about Film Production - Students Project

Students Final Project - Production

The day used to start little earlier than usual, it used to end way more later, though eyes used to feel little sleepy, mind was full excited and in hunt for the best shot… that’s how the last week was!!!  Full fifteen days were divided for the final projects of 2010-11 Diploma in Digital Filmmaking batch and only thing that students, faculty and even the walls of the institute for that matter was supposed to do was eat, live, breathe films, your own films, where each and every second (read it as ‘shot’) reflected our own ideas and creations.

Playing all different roles as director, cinematographer, scriptwriter, editor and even the audience, it was a week, which was not just a learning experience but also had its own share of moments that will tickle your funny bone each time you think of it.

It was such an astounding feeling that made us comprehend that if you are really in love with what you do, even 20 working hours don’t seem to be tedious. Three words ‘rolling’, ‘camera’ and ‘action’ used to be enough to get us back on our toes! The scene used to be such that it was difficult to distinguish that who is a faculty and who is student. While eating, talking, sitting, laughing, and at times even sleeping, everyone used to be together. Infact it was a wonderful opportunity for both students and faculty to see the other (read as ‘casual’) side of each other.
Seven days of shoot was not just one-sided leaning. Where students got amazing hands on experience of what it takes to actually work in media industry, for faculty too it was an ocean full of budding ideas, their notorious thoughts and the perspective of how they have learnt things and to what extent.

Where there were days when the shoot used to take place continuously for hours together in the set created in institute itself, there were times when we also went out to capture outdoor shots. Each experience was special in its own way.

No matter how less we slept, each time before lying down on bed, there used to a satisfying feeling that day was nothing but fun. It was awesome to think that our sole work is to make films, be the part of films and as mentioned earlier breathe, think and dream only films.

Words are not enough to conclude the memories. All I can say is that week was the ‘wowest’ week and am proud to have a team of students and faculty who made it possible! Cheers!!!!

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