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Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Teamwork Works !!

Flash Frame Visuals Academy of Film & Television
Bangalore, India

Teamwork Works - Filmmaking Student gets selected as a finalist in International Film Competition

It was just like any other project day, deadlines at the peak, camera in hand, eyes set on the subject, bounded by actors and other crew members. And soon there was an announcement that he has made it to finals in "International Student Film Festival - Hollywood" . Neither did he know anything about it, nor any of our other students. But the echoing sound of claps and that smile on those tired faces just said it all!

Amarjit Irengbam Gemini - student of Diploma in Digital Filmmaking in Flash Frame Visuals Academy of Film & Television, had made it to top 5 finalists across the world under the ‘30 second TV commercial’ category. An ad film that he made under the supervision of FFVA 
faculty , as part of his project had been shortlisted for the competition, making him the only Indian student to do the same.


And why not, after all he truly deserved that. More than just a use of technology, what was more effective in his case was the concept and the idea. And that is what we give more importance in FFVA. A lot of students are mistaken by the fact that good knowledge about equipment and editing would help them for the smooth sail. But instead, production and postproduction can only be effective if pre production is strong. From idea to synopsis to script, all these factors form the basic foundation for your final outcome. It’s absolutely incorrect to underestimate the significance of idea and the script. Not just for him, but it was an important lesson for other students as well. Well this is it about concept and the film part.

XXY Energy Drink - 30 secs TVC 

But there was something more to that moment that left me more contended. Definitely we all were happy for his success, but just one reaction of his, won our hearts. Immediately after the news was out, with that ecstatic expression of his, he immediately ran and congratulated the other student, his team member, Chanavir Desai, who was also the cameraman of his ad film. He shook hands with him and gave him all the credit he deserved.

Did he just do that…was my first reaction? Media is a place where people are the most self-centered souls, for whom their succession over others and climbing the ladder of success is more than anything. Now that's what i call as 'teamwork' !  I was left wondering that how many folks would actually do that. With that astonishing smile on my face, I was very happy about that fact that my student is on the right path and with good thoughts. No matter how much ever big professional one might become, but very few are able to become good people. And I truly hope for my students that I should be able to count them in the list of so called as ‘good people’.

Yes, he is my student and I have taught him few lessons too. But his one noble reaction not just taught each one of us a lesson, but also left me zapped and proud of the fact that he is FFVA’s student. Keep the good work going Amarjit!!!

Article Written by:
Aditi KK
Head – Academics
Flash Frame Visuals Academy of Film & Television
Bangalore, India
Email : aditi@ffvacademy.com


  1. Congrat Amarjit and the team

  2. O MY GOD! Do I deserve this praises?!!!! I feel like m in heaven alresdy....mesmerized!!! Thank you! Ma'am! Couldn't thank you enough for this...ever. I am so grateful. You, SIr Kirthi and Sir Harish taught me everything i know. Thanks!