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Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Tip of the Week - Film Direction

Flash Frame Visuals Academy of Film & Television
Bangalore, India

Tip of the Week - Film Direction 

The french expression mise en scene (literally, putting into the scene) is a usefully holistic term for those aspects of directing that take place during shooting. Mise en scene has to be decided globally and in broad outline for the whole script, and then each scene can be designed within the intentions of the larger structure.

Mise en scene - Citizen Kane

Globally or locally, mise en scene includes : 
  • Blocking, which includes planning positions of : Actors in relation to each other, Action in relation to set or location, Camera placement in relation to actors and set. 
  • Camera - Filmstock & processing, Choice of lens, Composition, Movements, Coverage for Editing.
  • Image Design - Use of colour, Depth perspective and treatment of space, lighting mood and treatment of day and place, Frame design in terms of scene's dramatic functions. 
  • Dramatic Content - Rhythms, Point of View, Motifs, Visual or aural metaphors, Foreshadowing
  • Sound Design - Whether sound in diegetic or non-diegetic, What part sound plays as a narrative device, Whether it relays a subjective or objective point of view, whose point of view it is. 
The Director must know what options exist and eventually discuss them with DOP, who is the most important collaborator during the shoot. 

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