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Sunday, 12 June 2011

Film Credits - Recognizing the team behind a Film

Flash Frame Visuals Academy of  Film & Television
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Film Credits - Recognizing the team behind a Film

A pat on the back is not a thing to be aspired for only in school days. As a grown up too, we don’t mind little admiration and recognition for the real hard work we have put into something. But where on one hand we are keen to be on the receiving end of it, how about conferring it to those few who work endlessly without even expecting for the same.
Well…all we have to do it just spare our few minutes and do sit through the credits rolling on the big screen when the movie is over. Irrespective of the fact whether you liked it, or whether you fully got entertained or not, there have been people who have tried their level best to gratify you, the ‘audience’ who are nothing less than a bread earning factory for them.

Without our knowledge there are few characters like the lead actors, or as we like to say them as ‘protagonist’ and the ‘antagonist’, the director, the producer or at the most the story writer of the movie who bask in the glory of limelight. But the list doesn’t end here. There are so many others, who inspite of knowing that they won’t get as much attention don’t mind putting their entire endeavor to make movie a success.

Students of  FFVA, involved in Production

Movie is nothing but an output to the incessant teamwork that has been put into it right from the day when the idea was conceived; to the day it hits the theatres. From the script writer to screen play writer, from cinematographer to light technicians, from art director to production manager, from editor to VFX artist, each and every person has got lot of contribution in making it what you as a ‘movie’. For that matter even without electrician, spot boys, driver, tea boy et al , it’s impossible to envisage movie sets without either of them.

Film industry is such where no one is big or small, as we tend to think. Of course we do have our favorites whom we see on the screen, but there are many behind the camera who are still serving endlessly without looking or expecting the same recognition.

But if not much, at least what we can do on our part is to sit and go through the names of the people who have contributed, even though we will forget them the moment we step out of the theatre.
Next we will go through some of such hidden people whom we have missed to notify, yet their contribution has surely not gone un noticed….stay hooked!!!

Article written by :
Aditi Soni KK
Head - Academics
Flash Frame Visuals Academy of Film & Television
Bangalore, India
E-mail : aditi@ffvacademy.com

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