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Sunday, 12 June 2011

Careers in Film & Television - I

Flash Frame Visuals Academy of  Film & Television

Careers in Film & Television - I

How much significance does movies hold in our lives? Probably it’s a way to spend our weekend, to catch up with some old friends, to take a break and entertain ourselves, to watch out our favorite actor on a big screen, or if nothing else probably just sit beside your eye candy and spend some few hours together. Even if none of the above, we love the chitchat with our folks to discuss how the cinema trends have changed, or if it has worsened or became better or if music has become a real treat or just utter noise.

But once we go little deep into it… its movies through which we came to know about icons like Rahman, Johar, Ratnam or Bachchans. Its movies that has a given platform to many people who have woken up the world to the creative side of many things. The way people, emotions, music and many stories are embedded in a package, it itself is a talent which has not just given recognition to thousands, but also has provided employment opportunities to more thousands of people.

The sole reason to confer the importance of movies above is the fact that its high time to accept that when we talk about careers there is much more in life than just engineers or doctors. And yes, I do truly accept that I am a witness to the slow yet noticeable variation taking place around me where people are actually keen on making a career in film making and are satisfying themselves more than anyone else.
Where there are as many engineers as doctors in each and every street of India, am ecstatic to see a growth in the number of people who are not scared to see the creative side of things overlooking the scientific and academic side of it solely! 

Some more details and career opportunities in film making will be continued in Career in Film and Television -II.

Once the movie is out, how many of us actually sit through the credits rolling down on the movie screen? Do we even take an effort to familiarize with the people beyond  lead actors, director and the producer.  There are lot more people who sweat to make that movie. My next article will take you through the journey of all these people and their contributions. 

Article written by :
Aditi Soni KK
Head - Academics
Flash Frame Visuals Academy of Film & Television
Bangalore, India
E-mail : aditi@ffvacademy.com

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